Thursday, September 8, 2016

Two Minute Fix: Tie Clip Holder

Last night I went on a random decluttering streak, throwing away some loose receipts on the dresser, tidying up some spare change and organizing the nightstands. In the midst of the clutter I found a package of tie clips that Zach had purchased months ago from Amazon. He has been using them each day and (sometimes) clipping them back to the original packaging after use. I figured it made more sense to store the clips were the ties live in the closet, so I went to the craft room to hunt for a solution.

I quickly found some remnant fabric from our living room curtain project. A few quick snips with the pinking shears and my task was done. I cut a strip of the fabric, folded it in half over an open spot on the tie rack and attached the clips. I was careful to clip each one over both halves of the fabric so that it stayed in place on the rack.

Fabric + Pinking Shears = Tie Clip Solution

I will probably go back later and make something more “official” looking for Zach, but for now we have a storage place for his collection, even though its in a palm tree pattern. :)

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